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  • Discover Ways To Avoid Unnecessary AC Service With These Pet Ownership Tips

    July 25, 2019 | Blog | performancehvac
  • Having a pet as part of your family is a source of complete happiness.  But they also come with a drawback- lots of hair!  The hair and other dander from your pet can end up to your HVAC filter as well as in your system and coils causing an air restriction and undue stress to your system.


    To prevent unnecessary A/C repair, here are few tips for pet owners to follow.

    #1. Grooming Your Pet Outside

    Regularly wash and brush your pet outdoors. Use a brush that is specifically designed to remove hair and dander from your pet. Keeping the loose hair off your pet means less hair indoors.

    #2. A Clean Home

    Dusting and vacuuming your home on a daily basis should be mandatory pet ownership.  Do this daily to avoid pet hair from reaching the filters and wreak havoc to your system.

    #3. Filter Change out

    We already know your pet’s hair will clog the air filters in your house.  Filters are easily clogged with these particles, that’s why you need to change the filters at regular date intervals. We do not recommend the static electric or cleanable type filter as they are not efficient.  Regular Merv 8 pleated filters will collect dust particulates and help keep them out of the HVAC system, changing them every three to six months.

    #4. Regular Routine Maintenance

    Do your pets love to wonder and play in the yard? Beware! If you leave them unattended, they may dig around the condenser and/or urinate on it.   Performing regular chemical coil cleanings is highly recommended, regardless of whether you have a pet or not.

    #5. Schedule A Regular Duct Inspection

    Whether your ducting is in your attic or under your home, ducting needs to be inspected periodically.  Rodents can invade your duct work and build their homes inside as well as the vapor barrier on flex ducting can begin to deteriorate and fall apart causing loss of air.

    Providing you ways to help save and stretch your dollar and prolong the life of your HVAC system is what we strive for.  Not spending money on unnecessary A/C repair is what you strive for.  Check back for more money saving tips from Performance Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.  Rest easy by calling us today (916) 933-2683