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  • Wrong!  Many homeowners think that if warm air is coming from their registers they just need to have more refrigerant (or as homeowners say “Freon”) added to the system.

    The truth of the matter is your system should not lose refrigerant.  It isn’t like filling your car up with gas and it runs out.  If refrigerant has leaked out of your system, there is a problem. You will need to have a qualified HVAC technician perform leak detection on your system, which may involve adding a dye and using a UV light and/or leak detector to search for a leak.  Adding more refrigerant in a system that has leak will end up being costly because the system will continue to leak causing your system to wear prematurely.
    What are some signs I can look for?

    • You feel a low amount of air coming from registers
    • Air is blowing warmer from registers
    • Water on the floor by your furnace
    • Ice build-up on lines from A/C to indoor coil
    • House takes longer than normal to cool off
    • Knocking or clunking noises from my unit
      Iced up

    What can I expect from my HVAC contractor when I think my system is low on refrigerant?

    • The technician will check the refrigerant level on your A/C unit.
    • If your system is low, then the technician will add a dye pack to the system and return at a later date to search for a leak (sometimes this takes time)
    • Once the leak is found, then the entire refrigerant is evacuated using a recovery system, so that the gasses will not freely enter into the air.
    • The HVAC technician will repair the leak. (If it’s a major leak on a condenser or evaporator coil, repairing your A/C may be expensive. And if the air conditioner is old, the option to replace your unit may be the most efficient option)
    • The system will be recharged with refrigerant according to manufacturer’s specifications.

    These are typical signs, but remember, low refrigerant generally means a leak in your A/C system. All problems have a cause, so, having your system checked annually by a certified and licensed company can save you a lot of money through the years.  Ignoring the signs of a refrigerant leak will lead to catastrophic failure no doubt.  If you think you have a leak, call Performance Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to come out and perform an inspection.  (916) 933-2683