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  • Central air conditioning systems have two separate components. One is located inside in your home or garage and the other located outside. The outside unit is called a condenser because it is where condensation occurs to release heat to the outdoors. Inside the condenser is a compressor, a blower fan, and the condenser coil, as well as motors and capacitors.  One or all of these components can fail at one point or another.  Failing components will cause the condenser to malfunction.  These malfunctions can severely damage the air conditioner if not repaired immediately. If you suspect that trouble with the condenser is affecting how your home is being cooled, call a professional air conditioning repair company immediately. Malfunctions in the condenser will grow worse and may lead to catastrophic compressor failure.




    • Electrical failures: Motors inside the condenser that operate the fan and the compressor are run by electricity. Malfunctions with the electrical relays, capacitors, or the wiring inside the motors can cause these components to stop working. The compressor failing to turn on is often an electrical issue, as is a fan failure. Having a technician check these electrical components on an annual basis can prevent failures, before they become catastrophic.
    • Outside debris: Since condenser is located outside a house, often overgrown weeds or bushes can impede the unit. Debris, such as leaves and sticks can get inside.  It is important that you keep the area around the condenser clear.  Any outside object that enters the condenser cabinet can cause damage to the motors, the fan blades, and the fan belt.
    • Low or leaking refrigerant: The condenser connects to the indoor evaporator through a line that circulates the refrigerant between the two units. If the refrigerant line develops leaks, it puts the entire system in jeopardy. Refrigerant leaks can also occur along the condenser coil or at the connections to the compressor. If you notice a drop in cooling from your AC, hear a noises from the condenser, or notice ice/frost along the unit, call for repairs immediately.
    • Lack of general maintenance: You are asking for catastrophic failure by not having your A/C unit serviced by a professional on an annual basis.  Qualified technicians will check the various components and advise you of the potential for them failing, before they fail.  Running your condenser with low draws on motors and capacitors means, it is only a matter of time until the whole system fails.  And guess when it will happen?  After hours, when the temperatures are their hottest.


    Air conditioners need highly trained technicians to service and repair them.  Never attempt to open up the condenser’s cabinet and try to evaluate and fix problems on your own.  Leave this to the professionals.  Call Performance Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc (916) 933-2683 today to schedule your annual preventive maintenance checkup.