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  • We have been preaching to homeowners for years that the effects of dirty coils are catastrophic to your heating and air conditioning system.

    Instead of Performance Heating and Air Conditioning continuing to preach the importance, we thought we would share some studied effects and the costs of running your HVAC system with dirty coils.

    Studies have been done that show real numbers.  The study was centered on well-maintained condenser and evaporator coils vs poorly maintained.

    Running your system with dirty coils show staggering negative results as follows:

    Dirty evaporator coils:

    • Cooling capacity reduced by up to 40%,
    • Reduced compressor power by up to 7%
    • Evaporator fan power reduction by up to 40% and supply air CFM rates by up to 75%
    • Dropped energy efficiency up to 35%
    • Supply air temperatures increased up to 2°

    Dirty Condenser Coils:

    • Cooling capacity reduced by up to 40%
    • Discharge pressure increased up to 60%, cutting refrigeration effect by 30%
    • Reduced compressor power up to 70%
    • Decreased energy efficiency by about 60%
    • Increased supply air temperature by 5°

    These statistics have a real impact on your HVAC unit and your comfort level.  We can’t emphasis enough that keeping your coils clean and maintained is critical.  Call Performance Heating and Air Conditioning for a quote to inspect and clean your coils.  (916) 933-2683