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  • Understanding the importance duct work provides in your home is key. Homes that have heat pumps, furnaces, forced air heaters and a/c units, the ducting is what is responsible for providing the air throughout the home.  If your duct work is damaged and in need of repair, your HVAC system will not be running efficiently.  These are possible conditions that can exist with your duct work:

    • Cracks and Leaks-a compromised duct is possible due to the face that flex is one of the most vulnerable materials due to its softer structure. Plastic materials can become brittle over time while metal ducts can rust. Minor leaks and/or cracks lead to energy loss and low efficiency in your system.
    • Bad connections – Duct work pieces that do not fit together well can become disjointed or leak, allowing energy to be lost to crawl spaces or attics. Improper or brittle sealing materials can also cause leaks at connections, requiring updated duct sealing service.
    • Holes – deterioration could lead to large holes in your duct work. A common cause of holes is rodents that chew into softer duct work.
    • Crushed ducting – physical damage can block airflow throughout your house.
    • Dead ends – unattached sections of ducts can lead to a significant loss of energy, especially if the sections aren’t closed off. Additionally, rooms that should have been connected to these sections may lack proper comfort control.
    • Dirt – your ducts can harbor dander, dust and droppings from insects and rodents. These materials get into your air stream and can trigger possible health issues.


    What signs are present to tell me I need to have my duct work inspected?

    Since your duct work is not always easily visible, it is important to have them inspected from time to time. Scheduling a seasonal maintenance to have them inspected will allow the technician to get a good look at your duct work to evaluate the condition of your ducts and let you know if they recommend a duct cleaning, or whether a repair is needed.

    Some tell-tale signs that you may want to schedule an inspection is if you notice the following:

    • High energy bills that are not what your normal billing is with your utility company
    • Poor or reduced comfort in airflow from some of your vents/registers.
    • Dirty or dusty home. If dust seems to always coat your furniture no matter how much you clean.
    • Air movement in your vents when your system isn’t on.
    • Noises in ducts or at registers or signs of rodent activity around your home.
    • Signs of deterioration on visible duct work in basement or crawl space(s).

    Most homeowners don’t realize that duct work in the home needs to be maintained just like the heating and air conditioning system.  Call Performance Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. (916) 933-2683 to schedule a visual duct inspection and put your mind at ease.