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  • Time to have your heating unit inspected. An annual maintenance of your heating unit is always recommended and these are the three major reasons why.

    Reliability– Regular maintenance on your heating unit is a must. It is important that you call a qualified HVAC technician to perform a routine check of your system and verify everything is operating within manufacturer recommended specs. This will help catch any problems before it becomes a situation where you have NO HEAT or worse, catastrophic event. An improperly operating furnace with incorrect gas pressure, dirty burners or defective safety controls can result in flame roll out or excessive temperatures that can damage the equipment or worse yet, the possibility of a house fire, if left unchecked. Consider a routine maintenance more of a “peace of mind”

    Longevity –Like a vehicle, routine maintenance has been proven time over time, to lengthen the life of your vehicle and make sure that the proper protocol is followed for warranty purposes.  Same goes with your heating and cooling equipment. Proper refrigerant levels, gas pressures, etc. allow a unit to operate at peak efficiency which will allow the equipment to last much longer.

    Air Quality – Dirty filters increase energy usage and result in more service calls than any other issue.  A clean filter or properly operating air cleaner will ensure proper airflow through the equipment and throughout the home, resulting in a more evenly heated home. We check each system’s filter to ensure your indoor air quality and comfort levels are optimum, as well as making sure the system has the right amount of air to run as it is intended.

    It is time to have your heating unit checked, before it gets cold. Now that we are in the “off peak” season, Performance Heating and Air Conditioning is offering a special on preventive maintenance. Call us today to schedule your inspection.  (916) 933-2683