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  • So you are a “do it yourself” kind of person, GREAT!  Unless you know a thing or three about the trade of heating and air, I would leave this type of work to the professionals.

    So you have decided to shop online for a discounted HVAC system.  Sure you will find plenty of websites willing to sell HVAC systems at a discounted price; however that can present a set of potential problems.

    Size Of Equipment

    How do you know what size equipment to buy?  Falling back on the same size equipment that is installed in your home currently is not the best option.  Did you know that 60%-70% of the homes do not have the correct size system?

    What Am I Getting

    How to do you know how old the equipment is that you are buying?  Many online HVAC sales are old equipment that have been moved and stored in warehouses for a great deal of time.  Some have been damaged and repaired and you being an unqualified HVAC contractor would not know the difference. Many of the manufacturers who sell online are relatively unknown. If you’re looking for a quality piece of equipment I would generally always suggest going with a major manufacturer.


    Next is the question of warranty.  Many manufacturers do not honor equipment warranties if equipment is purchased from an online retailer.  This is a quality control measure on the manufacturers’ part to make sure that qualified HVAC contractors are doing the installs.  Are you willing to take that risk?

    Who Will Install

    Now you need to find a HVAC contractor to install it.  Many HVAC contractors will not install equipment purchased elsewhere.  Many contractors will not give any type of parts warranty nor labor warranty on equipment bought directly by the homeowner. Never have someone install your equipment that is not a professional. Installation, wiring and refrigerant must be performed properly.  If you think that you and your neighbor can install your new HVAC unit, you are taking a big risk of premature failure on a very expensive piece of equipment. Ultimately, the HVAC unit in your home is one of the most expensive investments you will make alongside a new roof.  Why not make the right decision and hire a HVAC professional to take care of the work from start to finish.  You will be glad you did.

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