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  • Did you know that you can help avoid costly repairs to your HVAC system by simply replacing your air filter on a regular basis?

    How important is a clean air filter?

    The air filter in your HVAC system prevents airborne particulates’ from entering the system and clogging the unit with debris. Running your HVAC unit with dirty air filters can cause reduced airflow and/or a pressure drop in the system.  These conditions will cause your system to work harder, which in return makes it run less efficiently and puts undue stress on the mechanical components.

    A Dirty air filter and moisture!

    When you run your HVAC unit with dirty air filters you run the risk of mold growing inside the filter.  If you run your system with mold it your filter, you are distributing those spores throughout your whole house.  We all know mold can lead to serious health concerns, but it also will lead to costly repairs on your HVAC.

    How do I know what type of air filter to use?

    There are many types of filters some which include washable.  We DO NOT recommend washable filters.  The Merv pleated filters provide the best air flow and can easily be removed and replaced.

    The HVAC filter should be replaced no less than every three months for optimal system performance, but if you live in areas with lots of dust and pollution, or you have pets, changing on a more regular basis may be necessary.   It’s easy to check your filter to see if you need to change it more often.

    In closing, we have found in our line of business we have found that 50-65% of the calls from customers who say that their HVAC unit is not working, we found that the air filter was plugged solid and could have caused the HVAC unit to malfunction or break prematurely.  It’s a good idea to date your filter and get in a regular routine of replacing it.    Along with changing your filter, remember your system needs regular routine maintenance.  Call Performance Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc  (916) 933 2683 in the spring and in the fall to schedule your HVAC maintenance.