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  • Spring is in the air and that means that the temperatures will be on the rise.

    You may not be ready to turn on your air conditioning yet, but now is the time to call Performance Heating and Air Conditioning(916) 933-2683 to have your A/C unit serviced and ready before we get into the dead of the summer.

    Your HVAC technician will perform a thorough inspection of your unit and advise you of any necessary repairs that need to be completed prior to you running your A/C for the season.

    Some things you can do before you schedule us to come out.

    Change the settings on your thermostat.

    Since you have been operating your HVAC in the heating mode for the last several months, now is the time to switch it to cooling and check the operation. Checking the operation of the thermostat in cooling mode is important. Make sure you adjust the settings and the unit is responding to the changes.

    Go outside and take a look at your outdoor unit.

    Check that your unit does not have any built up debris on it, or around it. Clear any overgrown bushes or debris that may have piped up around the unit. Do not stack any outside building supplies or put trash cans next to your outdoor unit, it needs plenty of room for airflow.

    Clean out your condensate drain lines

    The condensate drain line(s) are one of the most important components of your unit and many homeowners don’t even know this. Make sure that water flows through the line.  If you are unsure, ask Performance to look at it when we are out servicing your unit.

    Replace your filter(s)

    Filter replacement is important all year long, but the start of any season is a good time to remember you need to change your filter(s). We always advise you to use pleated filters and stay away from the washable ones and don’t forget to date the filter(s).

    Call Performance Heating and Air Conditioning now (916) 933-2683 to schedule you PM (preventive maintenance) early, to beat the seasonal rush. You will be glad that your HVAC system will be one less thing you have to think about.

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