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  • What would you do in the event of a power failure?  Do you own a business? How would you remain open and profitable? Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, adding a power generator can prevent lost food and customer loss due to power shut offs from your utility company or power losses due to weather.

    A generator will independently provide you a backup source of electricity in the event of a power outage. Having a standby generator will ensure that you never experience the interruption of a power failure.  With a generator standing by, if your area’s electrical supply fails, the generator will provide a seamless transition to backup power.

    Having an automatic generator means it will start automatically during power outages, preventing interruptions in electrical service. The generator would be powered by natural gas or propane and can sized to run everything in your home or business.

    We can size the generator to run your entire house effortless and safely set up wiring and a transfer switch tying it directly into your service panel. This disconnects you properly from the grid and ensures the safe delivery of power only to designated circuits, preventing the overloading of your generator, back feeding and potential fires.  

    To eliminate the hassle of having no electricity and being at the mercy of your utility company to turn power back on, let Performance Heating and Air Conditioning install an automatic generator.

    Our technicians can install the perfect generator to meet all your emergency power needs.  Call us today to learn more.  (916) 933-2683

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